get ready for Saint Valentine's Day ;)

Commercialism won me XD .
Or maybe is just Paris, la ville de l'amour...........

In any case, you can download this card for your beloved one ^^

découverte parisienne: l'Atelier de Marcus Mc Allister

"Which is your favourite place in Paris?" "My atelier", says Marcus on an interview (2 lines that I pick out from the surface of a newspapers-covered door).

Not hard to believe at all, if you ever have the chance to step into this little "studio parisien" in the 9ème arrondissement and let yourself feel all the charm and inspiration of it.

Everything is simple and authentic, as the owner/the artist, so welcoming and easygoing that you wouldn't believe him the renown artist he is, who featured so many exhibitions, articles, interviews.

Dreamylike, ethereous, rich in fantastic imageries, Marcus's artistic univers dives deep into the inner self.
As much a poet as an artist, Marcus order his ideas, words and most of all sketches and colours in thick-paper sketchbook; chronologically ordered, ranged on a shelf, they are an astonishing source of meaningful, spontaneous Art.

" I track my perception through a rigorous Sketchbook practice, using it as a tool for pulling order from chaos. The Sketchbook organizes random information, digests experiences and memories, ideas and imaginings. The process secretes meaning. "

A few photos I took in the atelier :

And an unexhausting selection of a few works I loved at first glance.