wishing you the Happiest New Year .... Enjoy !

wishing you ...

... not to constraint your own strength

not to follow the straight line ...

... & to fly away,
anytime you want.

Overwhelming, poetic interactive animation; from a few years ago but still so worthy to be recalled.

What I've been up.... and what's Next !

september/december 2010 :
Erasmus in Toulon @ Ecole Internationale de Design

Just came back from this great experience, that has been quite short but intense as well and full of teachings.... and not only from the school side !

I learnt to live ALONE first of all - yes, I'm a mummygirl :) - , learnt French (but you never stop learning), learnt to survive on my cooking, learnt to try new things... from living abroad to eating escargots ^^ !
et voilà !

Now / I'm taking a break ( and breath ! ) at home , for the belonged Christmas holidays with all my friends & family, trying to eat as much pizza & pasta & pesto & focaccia & lasagne ( etc etc ) as I can - as I'm gonna miss my "italian roots" a loooot !
{ from this point of view, nothing's better than christmas holidays at home }

So, what's next !

( getting closer & closer.... :S )
... is another, and most incredible adventure ....
that started absolutely unexpectedly, as a wonderful surprise, or maybe a gift.
3 months internship @ Pulsive , Paris .
and if you have a look at their website, you'll get why I say it's a gift ... :)

I'm so amazed about what they do, and so looking forward to start working there, I'm sure it will be a huge opportunity for me to learn from them .

And beside that, let's add that the agence is in one of the most lively and central areas of the town, that the creative office seems so nice and friendly, that I have a few nice friends already there, and that Paris is one of the most breath-taking towns in the world.

What else ?
I'm a lucky girl, that's it.

Learn to draw from the first page

don't let yourself be afraid for the white
don't hide yourself in the middle.

Anything is worth a first page.

Let the blank pages never be enough.
Fill in the pages, and the heart, of signs.

Learn to dream from the first page.

Write with a pen, cause, just like experiences,
can't be erased.
And every mistake gains beauty.

Erase, then, the fear of mistaking.

The time has come :)

My first online portfolio is on the Web !

I know it's not perfect and something has still to be fixed, so I'll be glad to have your feedback and opinions to improve it.

It's the first website I've ever built :) Hope you enjoy it !



.... pas d'Art sans désordre?

... there's no Art without Disorder, Mess, Confusion ....
So true, at least I hope so, as I'm possibly one of the messiest people in the world :)

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